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Our mission is to help our clients achieve their business objectives by realizing their technical goals.

We take the time to understand your vision, help define your product, and then design and build it.

We are transparent and communicative throughout our process.

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Our Services

We work with startups and organizations to launch new ideas, grow existing ones, and pick up where others left off.


We're software developers and technology experts at our core, but we're usually involved early-on in the product development cycle and can help with ideation, design, development, and technical stewardship.


Using our custom solutions our clients can improve their business efficiency and reach new customers. Whether our clients need feature development, debugging, a mobile presence, a visual refresh, an e-commerce site, or help managing remote developers, we've done it all.


For some of our clients, previous developers couldn't deliver. This is a common story, and we specialize in taking on projects like these. Depending on the scenario, we can retrofit existing code or just start anew to help meet your goals.

Our Work

Boy, this app was quite a challenge to develop! Multiple disciplines went into the complex piece of software behind the fun and colorful UI. The server-side was built in Ruby on Rails, and had to perform multiple complicated tasks, such as track all users locations in order to automatically detect and create hangouts, as well as automatically facilitate friendships between users using their contacts.  A clever notification system was put in place to alert user to  any updates and new activity on their feed. Beta version coming soon!

Zink is a social iOS app that allow users to see which of their friends are hanging out together. When a group of connected users gets together, Zink automatically creates a hangout for their location, which can be viewed by their friends, and features a comments board and an image/video gallery (hangout story). Users can also message each other and invite soon-to-be users to join.



We are launching this beautiful app for the iOS platform first. The server-side is implemented in Ruby on Rails, and the client is written in SWIFT. This app utilizes a variety of API's, from location services to payment processing, and provides a ton of features for both hosts looking to do some community building while supplementing their income, and for guests looking for an alternative dining experience. 

Kitchen Table is an AirBNB for home cooked meals. The founders wanted to create a platform where community builders and hobby chefs had the opportunity to host others for a meal, from casual to fancy.   



DayPoint is an iOS application that helps you track where your time goes. by simply entering places where a user spends their time, DayPoint can keep track of how they spend their day. In addition to calculating the time you spend at home, at work, or at the gym, DayPoint also reports the time you spend walking, commuting and sleeping. It then offers various graphical ways to visualize your data and make meaningful insights as to where the time goes! 

This iOS app is coming to the App Store soon. The client is implemented in SWIFT/Objective-C, and the server-side is built in Ruby on Rails. The system integrates both Facebook signup and basic user management implemented through the Devise gem. Really awesome graphics libraries are leveraged to provide beautiful data visualization and fine granularity into time data analytics. 


RemitRight is a social impact startup that helps immigrants save on international money transfers. It compares the fees and exchange rates of dozens of remittance companies, and recommends a money transfer operator based on value and remittance speed. 


We loved collaborating with the founders of RemitRight at such an early stage. Launching this real-time comparison platform required a multi-disciplinary approach: it involved a lot of data scraping, the back-end was built in Ruby on Rails, and the front-end was implemented using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The entire search results view was built using React, which was an excellent fit for building a dynamic, sortable results display. It was super exciting to launch this startup, and we are now working on phase two!



Impact Health helps those who are shopping for health insurance find the right plan. They ask some simple questions about you and your family, and then they ask about your prescription medications. These questions help them figure out a more detailed cost-structure for each plan you qualify for, and then they suggest the plan with the best value for you.

We built this from the ground up with Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, and Heroku. We used the latest stable versions of many industry-standard Ruby libraries and we built an extensive data harvesting framework to pull health insurance quotes and other data from multiple sources. The most challenging part of this project was becoming familiar with how health insurance carriers calculate various medical expenses, and then running those calculations in real-time for 50+ policies for each user, all while maintaining app performance and calculation accuracy.


OKCopay helps people find low-cost medical, dental and vision procedures in their area. It's tailored for uninsured and under-insured patients, yet it strikes a balance between affordability and quality in care. 

We collaborated with two external design teams and their in-house platform developer to visually refresh their web app. Their developer needed front-end development support, yet we were unfamiliar with the web framework and had little experience in their choice of language. We quickly adapted and picked up PHP and CodeIgniter, learning enough to roll-out a new front-end and lend a hand to their backend developer. We built our portion of the site in plain HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.



Gresescent is an artisanal ice cream company that aspires (and succeeds) to bring back the magic of gelato. They make the best ice cream we've ever tasted, hands down. 

The founder of Gresescent came to us and requested that we build him a website that will convey the magic of his product. We worked with a talented designer to bring to life this incredibly beautiful creation. We used HTML, CSS, Javascript to build this responsive website, implemented a bit of jQuery for the effects, and supported the backend functionality with Ruby and Middleman. 

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